Postnatal Massage

Whatever type of birth you have, it’s a big deal and your body deserves time to recover, recuperate and relax. Like our pregnancy massage, our postnatal massage focuses on giving you some ‘time out’, whilst also addressing any issues that arose prenatally (see pregnancy massage), through birth or postnatally.

We can help with – 

– pelvic floor disfunction

– core function

– postural misalignments (commonly in the hips and ribs)

– breathing issues

– c section recovery

– diastasis recti (abdominal seperation)

– tiredness/lack of energy

– carpal tunnel

– neck/shoulder pain from feeding or carrying your baby

Once postnatal, always postnatal – whether you had your baby yesterday or 20 years ago, we can help with these issues at any stage.

Initial appointments are 90 minutes. Follow up appointments can be either 60 or 90 minutes.

We also offer – 
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