Pregnancy Massage

Using our expertise as soft tissue therapists, we are able to offer you the relaxing pregnancy massage you crave, whilst also reducing those common antenatal aches and pains.

Your body goes through massive changes whilst pregnant both emotionally and physically. Muscles loosen to make space for the growing baby, which can lead to overstretching in some areas and tightening elsewhere. Not only can this be hugely uncomfortable and affect your posture, it can also make healing a longer process postnatally. Taking time out for yourself is important during pregnancy, to give you time to relax, re-engerise and feel calm and ready for birth.

Common problems we can help with –

– tiredness

– stress and anxiety

– pelvic pain

– piriformis (buttock) pain

– lower back/shoulder/neck pain

– achy legs and feet

– swelling


Pregnancy massage is available any time after your twelfth week of pregnancy.

Initial appointments are 90 minutes. Follow up appointments can be either 60 or 90 minutes.

We also offer – 

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