Sports Massage

Sports and remedial massage can be performed on anyone from professional athletes to sedentary officer workers. By tailoring your treatment specifically to you, we are able to find the cause of your issue and get you pain free long term, meaning you leave us feeling more than just relaxed. In order to do this, treatment often involves a thorough consultation and assessment, followed by advanced soft tissue techniques, mixed with classic massage, stretches and homecare advice.


Common conditions that benefit 

– lower back pain

– muscular strains

– head, neck and shoulder pain

– general aches and pains

– reoccurring injuries

– carpal tunnel

– osteoarthritis

Some of the clients we have helped


– runners – first 5km up to ultra marathoners

– cyclists

– swimmers

– triathletes

– semi professional footballers

– dancers

– gym goers

– golfers


– office/desk workers

– drivers

– singers

– personal trainers

– retirees

– tree surgeons

– frequent flyers

Sports Massage/ Wellbeing Massage – initial appointments are at least 60 minutes. Follow up appointments can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

We also offer – 

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