WomeWomen's health physiotherapistn’s health physiotherapist – Annabel Pelham at Brighton Physiotherapy Clinic

I screen all clients deeply and if anything arises before treatment or during that I feel needs more specialised attention, this is where you will be referred. Annabel treats anything from pelvic pain, to urinary dysfunction and prolapses anti-natally and post-natally.




Stress free mumsLong term stress solutions – Anna Goodwin

Anna typically works with multi-tasking mums who feel overwhelmed and frazzled. She helps them release stress and exhaustion from their body and the mind, so they can have better relationships with their children and experience more freedom, more energy and more fun.

Do you feel overwhelmed and frazzled?
Does panic overtake you when you realise you can’t even find the time to write a to-do list, let alone tick things off on it?
Do you worry that your relationship with your kids is being ruined by constant nagging and snapping?
Do you find yourself over-reacting with rage or anxiety to the smallest thing that doesn’t go to plan?
Would you like things to change? Anna can help you release all this stress and exhaustion and help give you more energy so you can juggle multiple tasks with ease, have fun and feel fulfilled.